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Sacon SK12 & SQ12 Get Red Dot Award

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Red DotAward from Germany is one of three biggest design awards in the world. Onlywith the nice appearance and the high quality, products can get it.


Recently, SK12 electric oven and SQ12 steam oven have got RedDot Award, which has aroused a lot of public attention.It indicates theoutstanding performances of them are accepted and highly recognized by the internationalmarket.

SK12 electric oven is full of our core technology and advanceddesign.It makes good use of 3D temperature keeping and interactive baking technology,screencooling system,dry enamel powder tankand so on.

SQ12steam oven is also an excellent product with3D steaming technology,fresh steam 3D circulation,intelligent frequency conversion heating technology,etc.


Chinese home appliance manufacture is in the overtakingtime. But Sacon always leads the new tread of creating good home appliances totransform from Made in Chinato “Made withWisdom”.

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