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UN Officials and Indian Delegation Visit Sacon for Cyclopentane Project

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UNDP officials, Indian delegation, Vice Secretary for China PlasticsProcessing Industry Association Meng Qingjun and Official of Foreign EconomicCooperation Office Sun Bo visited Sacon to research and to discuss about cyclopentaneproject on August 15th 2017.

For UN, replacing HCFC with cyclopentane is the final project basedon protecting creatures from space radiation.

So Sacon is responsible for improving Chinese environment and isalso able to support Chinese sustainable development. As for water heaters, Saconhas taken positive measures of producing and storing cyclopentane and so on.

UNDPofficials couldn’t agree with this project too much. “It will play an importantrole in eliminating the global HCFC plan,” said UNDP officials. The praise of Indiandelegation has encouraged Sacon to keep this project. “It will help developingcountries like India to stop using HCFC,” said Indian delegation.