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Sacon Ranked the Top 100 of Ningbo Brands in “Ningbo Enterprises in the Past 30 years” Convention

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On the afternoonof August 2, 2014, sponsored by the Ningbo business development research institute,2014 Ningbo business convention “ Ningbo enterprises in the past 30years “ was heldsuccessfully. Sacon group ranked the top 100 of Ningbo brands again. More than 100well-known entrepreneurs, industry experts and industry representatives, witnessedthe development of past 30 years in the annual gathering. Sacon stood out amongover 200 famous enterprises after several professional sections, headed byworld brand lab evaluation unit, which showed great brand strength of Saon. Accordingto the requirements big suction, Sacon designed and produced range hood oneafter another, which could meet the need. With continuous innovation onproduct, technology, marketing and culture, Sacon have made somenew breakthroughs in the last 30 years. Taking the improvement of lifequality as mission, Sacon will continue to lead the development of kitchen andbath industry.

In the past 30years, Sacon got over all difficulties and succeed in this ancient city,Ningbo, with the the spirit of continuous innovation and persistence.From now on, Sacon will start again and create new glories.