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Sacon Hit a New High with 14.026 Billion RMB Brand Value, Leading the Industry

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On the afternoon of June 25th, “China's 500 most valuable brands”list was released in Beijing. Sacon become the most valuable brand in kitchenelectric industry with 14.026 billion RMB brand value. Sacon have ranked firstin kitchen and bath industry for 7 consecutive years since 2008 when Sacon wonthe first champion throne with 4.365 billion RMB value brand.

 Behind the 14.026 billion RMBbrand value, it was with the implementation of innovation on product, marketingand culture that Sacon made great progress.

 In the product innovationaspect, Sacon pioneeredthe big suction series of range hood with low noise. While in the secondhalf of 2013, Sacon first launched the aesthetic series of kitchenappliances, which was another revolutionary in the field of high-end kitchenelectrical products. Once put into market, this series were spoken highly byexperts and consumers.

In the marketing innovation aspect, Sacon started channeldiversification strategy, such as promoting the development of electricalbusiness deals and project channel. Besides, Sacon spread brand to youngconsumer groups by interacting with consumers using social marketing. Inthe Wechat platform, Sacon hold many activities to attract young people, whichcaused heat discussion. Sacon group is improving the marketing chain to spreadbrand to more consumers, through a variety of platforms.

In cultural innovation aspect, Sacon is building a learning-orientedenterprise and creating share enterprise atmosphere at the same time.

 With a series of innovations,Sacon not only won the prize but also set a example for kitchen electricindustry.