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Sacon Group Won China's Most Influential Enterprise of Range Hood Industry

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    A fewdays ago, the 30th anniversary of the celebration of range hood industry washeld in Beijing by China National Hardware Association Officials from MIIT, CNLIC and CNHA, Industry expert and representativesof the enterprise, together over 200 came to attend the ceremony. As animportant part of the celebration, China National Hardware Association handedout the important awards to enterprises or individuals that made greatcontributions to the in the industry of range hood. While one of the mostinfluential honor “Most influential enterprise” was awarded to the Sacon. MrZou, the president Sacon group, however, won the lifetime-achievement awardbecause of his outstanding contribution to China's industry.

    Lead the reformation of industry withinnovation

    Rangehood is a typical imported good, originated in Europe. In the late 70 s, Chinabegan to import improved range hoods from Taiwan. While in the mid 80 s,because of the huge demand of market, enterprises of range hoods began todevelop rapidly though competitively. In the meantime, international brands whichwere given priority to European type completely monopolized the high-end market.While national brands were still struggling in the war of price

   According to the Chinese cooking features ofhigh demand of suction due to the big lampblack, Sacon started the industry in1993. Based on the problems of small suction, big noise, oil leakage anddifficult washing, Sacon became the first company of deep-type range hoods.Sacon started the first revolution of China kitchen and changed the wrong routeof research and development. Just within three years, sacon became the king of industry.

    In 2000, range hood branch of China hardwareproducts association re-elected, CEO Zou of Sacon was made the president of it.In the conference, Zou proposed the theory that the machine must have corechip. From then on, it was regarded as a classical theory for research anddevelopment in this industry. Guided by this theory, the products of Sacon werechanged from deep-type, without washing type, Chinese chip type to big suctiontype. Sacon has been leading the direction of the industry product innovation,so under the guide of Sacon, national brands became to rise. Now the nationalbrands occupied nearly 90% market of high-end range hoods. As one of domestic standardsetters for the industry, Sacon led the transformation of China's kitchenelectric industry to open a path of brand growth with Chinese characteristics, successfullybuilding the image of national brand.

    Achieve the high-end leading brand withstrength

    “It wasthe advanced and high-end aspects of technology, products and services thatcontributed to the overall strength of the brand.” Zou from Sacon introduced.It was not just a simple slogan, but a brand which was built by heart andpower. Zou Guoying led Sacon continuously towards high-end brand for with conceptof leading technology and top service 30 years. In the meanwhile, Sacon attachedgreat importance to the terminal layout to give customers the best shoppingexperience through the innovation of marketing mode. As for the fees of after-salesmaintenance in household appliances industry, Sacon launched Miranda rule ahead.That means users shall have the right to refuse to pay fees if the maintainerdon’t show the manuals of service charge. As long as the service personnel is reportedby consumers forthephenomenon of arbitrary fees in the process of maintenance, once checked by theheadquarters, Sacon will adopt series measures such as giving doublecompensation to consumers. That is the service” You report and I compensate”.Zhang Dongli, director from China hardware association said that there were notmany industries which made in China occupying the domestic high-end market, buta place for range hoods. Represented by Sacon, a batch of outstanding nationalbrand, grasped the market trends accurately, which resulted in the rapid risein high-end kitchen electricity market. It was not only a piece of good newsfor consumers, but also for the development of the industry.

    While inthe recent list of China's 500 most valuable brands issued by the world brandlaboratory, Sacon, with the brand value of 14.026 billion yuan, have topped thebrand of kitchen electric industry for seven consecutive years. In the face ofachievement, dedicated Sacon will still continue to make progress and surpass inthe original basis.

    “The goal of Sacon is to become China's most competitiveand professional century enterprise of kitchen appliance.” Zou, CEO of Saconsaid.

    It is consistentfocus on kitchen electric industry for 30 years that Sacon brand have thebrilliant achievements of today. But glory has belonged to the past. Sacon willcontinue to intensify research and development of innovation to improve the externalcompetitiveness in the future. What’s more, Sacon will focus on the explorationof market to accelerate the internationalization, and try to become the leader ofglobal kitchen electric industry.