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The Storage Electric Water Heater of Sacon Won Top Tenof Water Heater Industry Brands

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    Recently, under the guidance of nationalindustrialization and information department, 2013-2014 brand evaluationmeeting of household appliances industry was held by CHEARI. The storage electric water heater of Sacon wontop ten of water heater industry brands.

    After a long period of market research, CHEARI carried out a comprehensive evaluation from the abilities of brand basis, sustainable development,market and consumption, and selected top ten brands of Chinese householdel ectrical appliance industry at last. With the innovative products and good services, as well as well – known brand influence, water heaters of Sacon stoodout and was awarded one of the top 10 brands of China water heater industry in 2013-2014.

    The award won by water heater of Sacon follows "Competitive brand of China lightindustry products", awarded by China light industry federation since August.

    As one of the leading brands of water heater industry, water heaters of Sacon has won market recognition for innovativeproducts and excellent service and formed a good market reputation and brandinfluence. The latest 3G series adopted the “ Three walls “ technology which ishealth, energy-saving and safety. Once launched, it got good grades in themarket of water heaters, with the exquisite technical innovation andcost-effective performance. It took “CARE TEST health warning system” as thecore, making use of professional searching capabilities, filtering technology andadvanced technology, etc, to completely eradicate the harm of incrustation to ensure healthybath. Besides, Sacon broke through the bottlenecks of traditional applicationof single and double tube heating technology in water heater 1st and2nd generation, and adopted the third generation layered heatingtechnology instead. By starting different heating pipe, different aquifer washeated, so a variety of heating combination was achieved. It would not onlyfully meet energy-saving requirements in the daily bath, but also push China’swater heater industry into a new era of energy conservation. When comes to the safetyprotection the consumers care about most, Sacon created the safety patent “MEWintelligent electrical protection wall”, with the integration of protections ofinsulation grounding, current and damper to fully integrate security system.When we encountered leakage due to a variety of causes in the bath, NEWintelligent electrical protection wall would reduce leakage current to 0.2 mAto ensure the security of users.Meanwhile, start the acousto-optic alarm and find the leakage position accuratelyto completely eradicate the potentialhazard of leakage to the consumers.

    In recent years,the implementation of brand strategy, the strengthening oftechnical innovation, the improvement of quality and the upgrading oftransformation, all promoted the sustained and healthy development ofenterprises. Therefore, Sacon have gained several awards and titles including “The most trusted brand ofChina water heater market”, “Best technology of China water heater”, “Theglobal energy saving innovation products” “The most cost-effective products ofwater heater is in 2013” and has won several national patents as well. Besides,the products were settled in Bird's Nest and Water Cube and other large-scale nationalprojects. What’s more, there wasn’t any accident in the water heater industry formore than ten years. With good quality and reputation, water heaters of Sacon havebeen the best-selling products and have won higher satisfaction of users.