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Sacon Group Add Luster to China International Kitchen & Bathroom Expo

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    On November 5th, sponsored by China National Hardware Association and Cologne, Germany exhibition company expo, 2014 China international kitchen bathroom expo was grand opened in Shanghai world expo exhibition. This exhibition in Shanghai, as the largest of three major exhibitions of domestic household building industry, with rich supporting activities, professional buyers of high quality, advanced concept of exhibitions as well as the high-end positioning, attracted a lot of top domestic enterprises of kitchen and bathroom to attend. As a leading brand of high-endkitchen electric industry, Sacon group together with numerous star productsunveiled at the exhibition.

    A contracted design of atmospheric, a stream of people

    Sacon took “green kitchen is the result of science and technology” as the theme. Contracted design of open exhibition hall black and white and strewn but well-arranged display won much praise and favor of customers. And appearance of "phantom”, one of the most dazzling star of kitchen electric industry, even attracted crowded people the exhibition to stopto appreciate. In addition, many classic smoke ovens were displayed, the humanized functions of which also capture many customers’ heart.

    The exhibition not only attracted great attention of customers, but also media reports from all walks of life. Wang Bing, from Marketing Department minister of Sacon said in an interview with sohu net that Sacon has always been committed to the most ultimate experience of consumption for Chinese consumers.Sacon always centered on the users in every technological innovation and triedto be experts of kitchen lampblack solution for Chinese families. Also, He introduced to Journalists of the media and consumers with the latest technicalinnovations and the actual effect of smoking of “the phantom” series of rangehoods.

    Products won recognition and two major titles

    During the exhibition, the second China international kitchen industry development BBS and the second Sino-German modern kitchen industry peak BBS was held in Shanghai world expo intercontinental hotels. CXW - 220 - T777 range hood of Sacon won the honor of efficient purification environmental protection star. Also,“the phantom” CXW - 220 - TJ20 oil absorption and QA - 168 - G intelligent kitchen gas hob won the award of China hutch defends product innovation.

     “The phantom” series of Sacon were unique to increase the wind-flow of currently popular type of range hoods to 20m³/min, and wind pressure to 400Pa, which made “the phantom” be the real king of close suction and started an upsurge of big sction. While the 168G intelligentgas hob of sacon created a function, which could incorporate intelligent andautomatic technology into their lives. That’s to say, as long as the users openthe knob to lift safety protection, In the process of cooking, when the pot ismoved from the stove, cooker CPU intelligent control system will automatically flame out. While the pot was put on the hob again, it will fire again to cook.It’s very easy to operate and enjoyable. It was the numerous product innovations and hutch electricity revolutions that drove the development of the industry for many years.

      With the increasingly competitive among kitchen electric industry, Sacon only have to innovate constantly to let people feel at home. That means the kitchen is no longer a cooking place, but a home for family to show tenderness.