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Sacon have shortlisted the Oscar of China  brand for 8 times, leading the China  Kitchen & Bath

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    On June16th, the much-anticipated result of 2015 China's 500 most valuable brands was officially announced in Beijing. In the ranking list reached by World Brand Lab based on the analysis of finance, consumers’ behavior and brandstrength, the leading brand of kitchen electric appliance of China, Sacon wason the list again, with the brand value of 16.578 billion yuan.

     As Oscar o fChinese brands, the list of China's 500 most valuable brands value extremely,which is a symbol of  honor and the power for enterprises. Since the first report of China's 500 most valuable brands was released by the world brand laboratory in 2004, Sacon brand has crown for 8 consecutive years. In theprevious selection of brand value, it all showed a trend of rise. This year, Saconranked first again with the brand value of 16.578 billion yuan in kitchen andbath industry. This is a sign of power for Sacon enterprise. Also, it is acomprehensive result of Saco’s implementing brand strategies including product innovation, marketing innovation, brand innovation, firming high-end strategy and promoting of quality service in recent years.

Product innovation: never stop

     As for theproduct, Sacon always focus on innovation, and try to seek professional breakthrough. As the leader of the kitchen and bath industry, Sacon is still brave enough to lead the trend of the industry and bring a fresh approach to its development. It was said that latest Sacon created the new products. Onekind of range hood will never hit  your head when cooking. That Fire will be outwhen you take away the pan is another new product of gas hob. It greatly promoted the new height of man-machine integration so that it can create adelicate life for consumers. It was of widely attention that Sacon’s range hood with big suction but without hitting the head was designed based on the change of height for residents. Through reducing 70 mm of the machine width, the problem of hitting the machine which users often encountered was cleverly solved, making the cooking experience better. This kind of range hood used the technology of big suction of 20m³/min and high wind pressure of 400pa, which ensured the big suction, so the kitchen would be cleaned up in a short time.What’s more, it can avoid the situation of smoke and oil flowing back inhigh-rise plats so as to bring a clean and safe cooking environment forconsumers


     The best-selling gas hob, the fire of which could be outwhen moving the pan, was the latest masterpiece of Sacon to promote intelligent boom. As the pursuit of quality life, and changed the demands, an intelligentcraze swept through. However, currently some enterprises blindly pursueintellectualization, taking it for granted that as long as they use intelligent operating system and packaging the concept of intelligent product, they can beas invincible as intelligent digital products. In fact, as for kitchen supplies such as range hoods and gas hobs, intelligent design if not centered on users’ experience,will deviate from the intention of intelligence. The gas hob of Sacon, the fireof which would be out when the pan was moved, was adopted the micro switch and CPU core component of intelligent control system, so two procedures of ignitionand blowout was left out. Thus, Sacon always focused on the deep analysis of users’ need and promoted the development of intelligence, so users wouldn’t have any worries. At the same time, this kind of gas hob had the upgrading technology of cloud burning to maintain the stability of flame, which brought the good experience for consumers.

Marketing innovation: surfing the Internet age

    In the aspect of marketing innovation, Sacon is unique. Under the era of the Internet,Sacon positively opened WeChat mall and firstly provided after-sales service of WeChat for private tailor. On one side, in the form of transmission, Sacon combined both online and offline activities through O2O platform, with the integration of the means and channels, such as H5 posters, virus videos andsocial media. On the other side, in the content of transmission, a number of entertainment elements was added, for example, stylized posters, hot topicvideos, humorous language and so on. This series is different from traditional advertising, which swept away the heavy, brought a fresh wind for the marketing activities of enterprise.

    In the meanwhile,Sacon also actively strengthen the interaction with consumers to make consumersreally feel the connotation of the brand, through innovative marketing way.Also, through carefully listening to the voice of the consumer, an effective channel of communication between brands and consumers was formed.

Brand innovation: time change but quality not

    For brand innovation, Sacon never ignored, and have always regarded it as the driving force of enterprise development instead. Generally speaking, the innovation model Sacon brand would be centered from 2 points. One is the absolute value of innovation. For example, expanded factories and imported production line. Thenew factory which Sacon group invested 850 million yuan to build, was added 3production lines for water heaters and 2 production lines for kitchen electricity. That’s to say, single machine production workshop would bereplaced by automatic assembly line operation, which could largely improve efficiency and capacity of production as well as solve the artificial cost andoperation error.

    The other pointof brand innovation is the soft value. From the links of industry standard of industrial standard, intellectual property standard, brand culture symbol and industrial-design, Sacon created a different growth mode from intensive energy. As the new the factory was put into use, development strategies of Sacon would be further upgrade and would continue to create more high-end kitchen appliances which could meet the demands of Chinese people, as well as a high quality life for the majority of consumers.

    Good product with good services can be popular with more people. According to the consumer complaints of electrical appliances, such as the problems non-transparent charges of after-sales service and arbitrary charges, Sacon announced the Miradalaw ahead of industry. That meant after-sales must carry the company'safter-sales service charge when offering personnel door-to-door service and inform the user of  fees. Otherwise, the user shall have the right to refuse topay the service charge. Besides, Sacon pushed the policy of zero toerance to consumercomplaint. If there is any complaint, Sacon would fully implement, check andreply. The implementation of these policies, made the phenomenon ofnon-transparent service charge get fundamental containment. Thus, Sacon became the leader of this industry.

     Sacon has been shouldered the mission ofguiding hutch defends industry innovation, and improving the quality of familylife since it was founded in 1984. Sacon have been devoting itself in this area.As the leader of the industry, Sacon has shown its strength and strong brand competitiveness from the aspects of product innovation, marketing innovation,brand innovation, service innovation. Sacon has won the global attention and praise of the society in the past 32 years with persistence.