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Electric Water Heaters Sacon Won Top Ten  of Chinese Household Electrical Appliance Industry Brands

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    On September 17th 2015, sponsored by the China academy of household electrical appliances, results conference of “2014-2015 Chinese household appliances industry brand evaluation” was held in Beijing. As a leading brand of high-end kitchen electric appliance, Sacon storage electric water heater won top ten of the 2014-2015 China household electrical appliances water heater strong brand in this selection. Since the end of March, 2015 China academy of household appliances has formally started the work of brand evaluation among 2014-2015 Chinese household appliances industry, covering refrigerators washing machines,storage electric water heaters, air conditionings, water purifiers, airpurifiers, disinfection cabinets, ovens and coffee makers. According to evaluation index system of China's household electrical appliance brands,evaluating work followed the stages of enterprise application, materialsubmission, data check, preliminary assessment, peer review. Eventually,electric water heater from sacon won the top ten of Chinese household electrical appliance industry brands for the outstanding contributions in technologic innovation, development of electric water heater industry, social responsibility and other fields.

    2015 is the key year for Chinese electrical appliances industry to transform and upgrade after the policy vacuum. With economic development, household appliance industry has been changed into efficiency driven instead of large-scale driven before and the level of concentration increases again. At the same time, thanks to the popularity of Internet and smart home, household appliances industry developsrapidly and digital and intelligent products of electrical appliances emergeendlessly, which means ideas of using the Internet is increasingly penetrating industry of electrical appliances. During the process, consumers take activepart in the activity. With users and products as the center, promotingefficiency and upgrade of products and innovating channel and service have become the core power to promote the electrical appliances of enterprises.

    While under the new situation of market economy, Sacon continuously implement the branding strategy of water heaters, for example, strengthen technical innovation, improve the quality of products and push transformation and upgrading, which greatly promoted the constantly healthy development of  enterprises. Sacon gained some titles and awards including “The most trusted brand of China water heater market”, “The best technology of China waterheater”, “The global energy saving innovation products”, “competitive brand products of China light industry” as well as several national patents. Besides,the products of Sacon once have been used in Bird's Nest, Water Cube and other national projects. There was no accident in the water heater industry more than ten. With high quality of products and good reputation, sacon brand continually increase the market share and improve the business valve.

    As for the fact that Sacon won top ten of Chinese household electrical appliance industry brands, experts involved in electric water heater industry thought that atpresent China water heater market is in a chaotic period, so how to keep ahealthy development of market becomes a key point. Sacon focus the innovationand research on the safe field of water heaters, which not only highlights the responsibility and mission of Sacon, but also promote awareness and sales ofthe brand. Besides, it also had a healthy influence on society and industry andit was worth learning and promoting by other brands and even other industries.