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Wu Wengang,  the General Manager of Sacon Appliances,Attended Gome Conference, Discussing the Development of Embedded Kitchen Electric Products

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    On Dec.29th, “Enjoy new life of kitchen electricity” 2016 China trend ofkitchen appliances BBS and subsidy promotion conference of embedded kitchenappliances, hosted by the Chinese electrical appliances association and Gomeelectrical appliances, was held in Beijing. Vice President of China associationof household appliances, Xu Dongsheng, president of Gome electrical appliancesco., LTD, Wang Junzhou, the general manager of Sacon, Wu Wengang and other topenterprises such as Fotile, Robam, Siemens, Haier and so on got together topromote the development of embedded kitchen electric industry.

    Wu was invitedto give a speech. He pointed that the embedded kitchen electric industrystarted late, though promising, the embedded products still lack unifiedstandard. Besides, these products haven’t been well known and accepted by consumersand the price of them is too high. These factors are in the way of developmentof this kind of products. Last year, Sacon first launched aesthetics ofembedded intelligent kitchen ahead of others. In the following years, Saconwill invest more significant efforts in this area to push the embedded kitchenelectric products towards the direction of luxury. The embedded kitchenelectric products which aim at people after 80s and 90s will be put into marketthrough humanity design. This kind of products will be more suitable for youngpeople in small kitchen. At the same time, Sacon will keep close touch with alldealers and channels and strengthen the promotion of embedded kitchen electricproducts to reward all consumers with better quality and lower price. Allparties are expected to jointly promote the booming development of embeddedkitchen electric industry.

    In the past year,kitchen electric industry has grown faster than the overall size of homeappliances and embedded kitchen electric products are popular among consumers.The Yee data showed that in 2015 embedded kitchen electricity retail sales and consumersales are significantly improved year on year. Sales data from Gome's alsoshowed that sales of embedded kitchen electricity reached 420 million in 2015,keeping the growth of more than 70% for three consecutive years. But the datareport from GFK showed that less than 15% of households in China have the ovenand less than 3% owned steam box. However, over 85% of the European andAmerican families used the (embedded) oven and steam box.

    Therefore, underthe advocacy and support of China household electrical appliances association,Gome electrical appliances together with chef electrical manufacturers, officiallylaunched the activities of promoting subsidies in the kitchen electric industryfor the first time. From January 1st , 2016 to March 31st,Consumers who purchase the embedded kitchen electrical products under the priceof 5000 yuan (not including 5000) can get subsidies of 300 yuan for single,from 5000 to 7000(not including 7000) get subsidies of 500 yuan for single,over 7000 get subsidies of 500 yuan for single. The kitchen electric brandsinvolved in subsidies activity covered Saconn, Siemens, Fotile, Robam, Midea,Haier, Casarte, Vatti, Macro and others from German and Italy. Householdappliance stores from all over the country implemented the specific sotres forthe activities of promotion subsidization.

    President of Gomeelectrical appliances co., LTD, Wang Junzhou expressed that experientialmarketing will be an important marketing mode of physical retail in the future.Gome will give full play to their role as the experience model of 1788 stores,which plays an important role of retail channels for the popularization ofembedded kitchen electrical products.

    With the jointpromotion of Gome electrical appliances and chef electrical manufacturers,embedded kitchen electricity market in China has been started and will become anew growth engine of market. Consumption upgrade can bring market opportunitiesthrough the promotion of embedded kitchen electricity industry. Consumptionupgrade will be the main opportunity of “13th Five Year” electrical appliancesindustry and bring endless power for the development of household applianceindustry.