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Change for Foresight,  Stabilization for Development----2016 Sacon Marketing Planning Meeting Was Held Successfully

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     Jan. 13thand 14th, 2016, 2016 Sacon marketing planning meeting wasgrandly held in Pacific Hotel of Yuyao. Sacon Group executives, that is , CEOof Sacon group, Zou Guoying, vice president, Zou Jiefeng, marketing generalmanager, Wu Wengang, manufacturing center general manager, Zhang Yaojie,operations center director, Yinlin, director of marketing, Zhao Hongxia, the director of the innovation centre, Zhu Yunwei, dealer from all over the country, each district office manager and related department heads were allpresent. In the meeting, they analyzed the circumstances and tendency of the kitchen electric industry, and planned the direction and strategy of Sacon kitchen electricity development in 2016, with the center of change for foresight, stabilization for development.

     CEO of Sacon group, Zhou Guoying, gave an important speech in the meeting. At first, he analyzed the economic conditions of this year and market of kitchen and bath. Kitchen electric industry in 2015,though not like major appliances industry to be mired in negative growth, many manufacturer of Kitchen electric industry have obviously felt the slow grow ofneed.However, the policies of government’smacro-regulation, such as the country's second child open and ruralurbanization construction, can stimulate consumers to purchase. What’s more,three and four level of market volume still has great space to rise. Therefore,in new 2016, Sacon will still have a bright future.

     New normal, newtrend, seeks the movement.

     As for business, Zou put forward 4 requirements. First, the marketing team should clearly understand the company is oriented in high-end intelligent kitchen electricity, so it’s important to establish a strong brand image and impressions in the market and users. Second,efficient service is necessary, so the team should take the customer as thecenter of work ethic. Meanwhile, optimize the process and offer more efficient support to all dealers. Then is the growth of quality. 2016, Sacon will stillfocus on stabilization, that’s to say, the team are supposed to keep the company's sales and brand reputation in a healthy growth tendency. Lastly, coordinatehighly. All the departments should work together and make joint efforts. Saconwill always take the marketing work, market unity and users or customers ascore.

     In the cooperation with dealers from the whole country, Zou emphasized the relationship between Sacon and dealers. Dealers areto Sacon what water is to fish and what lips is to teeth, which is complementary and interdependent with each other. Meanwhile, Sacon hope tha tdealers can also change their conception of marketing, which means they shouldnot only sale goods but also offer good service. Who is closer to consumers, who can win the future. Under the era of Internet, there are more direct ways to communicate with consumers. Sacon always pay attention to the communication with consumers because we understand the brand value benefits that word-of-mouth marketing brings.

     Finally, Zou came up with the new market plans, including after—sales service, logistics and spiritual civilization construction of employees.O-organization, fixed direction, slowly but surely

     Besides, marketing general manager, Wu Wengang,carried out the transverse and longitudinal data analysis of the whole kitchenelectric industry at the spot, based on The Yee data report. Wu explained that the kitchen electricity market changed a lot and market demand reduced. So in 2016,the overall strategy of Sacon kitchen electricity is stabilization fordevelopment, but change for foresight. Through the change of product end, Sacon will develop and create new product so that break the increasingly serious homogeneity of kitchen electricity market. At the same time, try to stick tothe organization policy of internal refinement and external flattening and adjust the distribution of channels to strengthen the national coverage. Saconhas had a overall plan in 2016. This year, Sacon with dealers will breakthrough the intense competition by its innovation and reform of products.

    During the two-day meeting, operations center director, Yinlin, director of market center,Zhao Hongxia, the director of the innovation centre, Zhu Yunwei, minister of market, Lu Chunmei, director of products, Xu Liangliang, director of terminal management  department, Shu Jihua,minister of Investment, Xia Zhongyong, minister of after-sales servicedepartment , Lu Huiqun and minister of engineering department, Lin Chenyeexplained the specific plan and policy orientation of new year from the aspectsof operation, e-commerce, market, development, investment attraction,after-sales, engineering and so on.

    The marketing meeting has achieved a great success. All work and plan of the year have been clearto everybody. The effective communication between dealers all over the countryand the headquarters was carried out. Besides, after the implement of policy,feedback of information, and encouragement of morale, Sacon will be better in2016.