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Sacon Won Two Grand Prizes of Zhejiang Kitchen Appliances Industry for High Quality

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    Yesterday afternoon, 2015 Zhejiang range hood products and “I check and you choose”household gas hob products quality comparison conference, hosted by Gas stovesand kitchen utensils and kitchen electric industry association of Zhejiang province, was held in Hangzhou. Over 70 representatives of enterprises, qualityi nspection institutions, and news media attended the conference. Shen Huaqing,director of Zhejiang Technology Supervision Bureau was present and gave aspeech. Sacon stood out from this competition of quality comparison and won the superior unit of both 2015 Zhejiang range hood quality comparison and 2015 Zhejiang gas hob products quality comparison.

    It issaid that Zhejiang gas stoves and kitchen utensils and kitchen electric industry association purchased samples of 9 batches from famous province brands and 10 batches outside the province brands to take part in this quality comparison. The results showed that average wind flow of range hood produced by55 enterprises of Zhejiang province is 14.4m3/min, and the maximum reaches 18.7m3/min. (The maximum wind flow of products from outside the provincereaches 17.6m3/min.) Average wind pressure of 55 enterprises is 266.9Pa, andthe maximum reaches 355.7Pa. (The maximum wind pressure of products fromoutside the province reaches 330.2Pa.) Brands of province are superior to those from outside the province and set a good example for this industry.

    This year, Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and thepress hold a product collection activity of Zhejiang consumer goods quality “Icheck and you choose”, the theme of which is clear consumption. Gas hobproducts have been listed as the most concerned, worried product as well as the one you want to buy most. The quality comparison was carried out among 39 batches of qualified gas hobs and chose 6 indexes, such as thermal efficiency,cock valve lifetime, thermal load of the max fire, rated thermal load accuracyand so on. Gas hob products of Sacon all have reached the national-level ofenergy efficiency. The index of plug valve is much higher than that of otherproducts of this industry.

    It'sworth mentioning that the thermal load of Sacon’s main product, 158 series gas hob, can reach 5.0KW, which is second to none in the whole industry. It is easy to stir-fry without any problems such as lack of fire, low thermal efficiencyand cost of gas. Meanwhile, four fan-shaped aerobic cabins Sacon created, cangreatly supply air and save waiting time of cooking, which bring different joyto users.

    By this productsquality comparison, Sacon is far ahead in the aspects of product performance and technical index, and is spoken highly of leaders of Zhejiang gas stoves and kitchen utensils and kitchen electric industry association. Sacon, as the industry leading brand, focus on the kitchen and bath industry more than 30 years. With dedicated attitude, as well as innovative and constantly subversive spirit,sacon will continue to develop in the area of kitchen and bath industry andcreate more revolutionary products centered on consumers.