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High-tech Sacon Wins the Ingenious Brand of CCTV

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High-tech Sacon Wins the Ingenious Brand of CCTV

Saconhas won the Ingenious Brand of CCTV since February 2018.


Our strict selection helps our honor.

Becoming the Ingenious Brand of CCTV is very hard. But 35-year Sacon focuses on our high quality and good creationto provide customers with higher, more fashionable and more intelligent appliances. Thus, we can success in this famous brand.

High-tech Sacon Gains the Reliable Brand From 38 Million Families.

Our range hoods are from the first Deep-type range hood to T-type range hoods.And we developed the first 20m³/min range hood in 2011.We have developed head protection range hoods this year. We try our best to make good use of our high-tech so that we enjoy good reputation in the market.


In short, Sacon’singenious brand of CCTV means that the platform merits ourrecognition. Meanwhile, it proves that 38 million families express their trustto us.